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What We Do 

1. Academic Honesty and Integrity.

The answers that we provide can only be used as a reference or even a tutoring aid as they are like reviewing answers to past exam papers during the exam preparation period. Therefore, in case you submit the answers that we provide as your own, you might end up committing academic dishonesty hence facing your institution's academic disciplinary unit.

2. Copyrights 

Our site conforms to DMCA 512C thus we do not submit plagiarised work. Our work is written completely from scratch and answers the questions asked. Posting the work provided by our site on other sites without our consent is completely prohibited.

3. The privacy policy

Our site collects information during the ordering of your assignments and we ensure that there is no way the sensitive information is leaked out as we have provided a secure server hence the information is transmitted via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology. The information is stored in the file as encrypted information for days only after which it is deleted. All emails are routed through a secret email system which then deletes all traces of incoming and outgoing emails. Incase you have any questions you are free to contact us.

4. Money Back Guarantee

We are responsible for providing the answers to your questions according to terms of the contract in the order request agreed upon by company and the client. Therefore, if the original instructions by the client are not followed, the client has the right to claim a partial or even a full refund.depending on the agreement by both parties.

5. Will my task be completed within the deadline?

The order is assigned to a writer immediately you order it hence we deliver quality and timely work. 

6. Can I talk to the writer who is doing my order?

You can talk to the writer doing your order directly. This is possible as immediately you post your order you are given an order number by which you can chat with us directly in the chat section below and identify yourself with it. Immediately the writer taking your assignment will join the chat and talk to you. Similarly, we can chat via the email.

7. Are there writers who come from a distinct domain of expertise?

All orders are done by writers and tutors who have specialized in the field and that is why we guarantee you the esteemed client quality and impeccable work.

8. Can I ask for modifications in my assignment?

You are allowed to make modifications to your order within the first one hour of ordering it. Any modifications made after the one hour will have to be charged differently according to the agreement that will be reached at between the site and the client.

9. How do I make payments to my order?

Once you have posted the question, you receive an invoice in your email, the invoice will have the amount you're supposed to pay and the order number. That order number will help you in case you have an inquiry or modification to make.

10. Are there writers who write web-based content? Can they post directly on my blog?

We have web content writers and they ae professionals in the field and it is possible to assign them a long term deal for them to regularly post the articles on your blog. Feel free to contact us and chat about it.